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One to One Music Performance 

One to One  Lab 

What is it?

Lab One to One is an improvised musical experience combining the science of light, colour and sound, exploring their influence on a participant. The concert is performed by multi-instrumentalist composer and sound therapist, Sabio Janiak. What makes Lab One to One a unique experience is that the concert is for just one person at a time! 

What is it inspired by?

Artistically, Lab One to One is inspired by great artists like Marina Abramovic , Jerzy Grotowski (revolutionary experimental theatre) and, of course, Swedish film series: Experiment Ensam (Experiment Alone), where people experience things completely alone that are usually reserved for large crowds, i.e. Bob Dylan’s private concert for one fan.

 Lab One to One also draws from photon therapy, bioacoustics, science of cymatics, sound and vibrational healing .  

Why Lab One to One?

Lab One to one is a journey into the human essence. A meditative experience, the amplified heartbeat creating an experience of being here and now where the connection between listener and an artist becomes solely through the medium of sound light and colour. It asks the question: “how does it feel to be alone in a situation which is usually experienced with other people?”

Whilst tuning in to their own breathing and heartbeat, Lab One to One allows the participant to experience this scenario on a very deep level. 

 Being only with one spectator, someone unknown, an interesting relationship is created. Enclosed in a safe and comfortable space, with carefully chosen music and light, it is an opportunity for direct communication through the senses, to nurture a feeling of openness and, if allowed, a deep space of freedom. 

What is the Experience like?

Lab One to One’s performance happens in a special environment providing a very high standard of musical performance and an exhibition at the same time. The music is performed by using 9 different instruments including voice and with particular focus on ambient sounds which are present in our everyday life, but which we usually don’t pay attention to.  

Using headphones, artist and participant are separated from the many (often subtle) noisy distractions of the external world, meaning artist and participant hear exactly the same quality of sound. Because they have exactly the same sound reference point, and also due to the frequencies produced by different instruments, special sound effects and lights, artist and participant are able to synchronise and become one. The language of improvised music and colour frequencies gives the artist unlimited potential to adjust to the right frequencies of the participant.  

This experience of an intimate sensory moment in time allows us to observe and explore the innocence of human nature, whilst being in an “ocean” created by soul


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