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Live Act   


BE WELL Live Act 

Oneman electroacoustic act was founded in 2016 by the multi–instrumentalist, producer and composer Sabio Janiak.

BE WELL live act creates unique live electro–acoustic musical performances for dance.
BE WELL live act has been designed to bridge the worlds of live and electronic music as the missing link between Djing and live performance. This alternative idea provides the perfect solution for those who do not wish to choose between DJ and a live band. To express his creative nature, Sabio has designed his unique system to express himself in the field of music. The voice, beatboxing, acoustic and electronic instruments, and ability to compose everything in real-time is treated as one big instrument. This exciting combination gives him unlimited possibilities, which allow him to create magical worlds of sounds. As a result of this approach,
BE WELL live-act performance sounds like a whole band, DJ or even a real orchestra

Sabio Janiak has crafted a unique live experience using a looping system, voice, and various instruments. He has spent years honing his skills among internationally renowned artists and performing live with some of the top contemporary dance companies in the UK. Through this experience, Sabio has mastered the art of real-time interactive improvised composition.


    Vocal, beatboxing, beatbox, flutes (bansuri, zurna, overtone              flute, Kena), guitar, electric cello,  drums, percussions, trumpet, clarinet, sax,     didgeridoo, berimbau, keyboard, synthesizer, loop machines, electronics    



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